Inclusion and Diversity Coaching

Coaching people from all backgrounds and with all abilities should be part and parcel of being a coach. Your ability to differentiate, to individualise your coaching, is what makes you a great coach.

Coaching people with different abilities and goals makes your job or role a whole lot more interesting as you are pushing yourself and your own abilities further. Ensuring that every participant, athlete or player that attends your session, irrespective of their level, receives the same levels of respect and support should be your responsibility as their coach. It is not as daunting as you think. Mostly it involves common courtesy, an open mind and not being afriad to ask the relevant people the relevant questions.

When coaching it is important to understand the diverse needs of participants and create a welcoming and inclusive environment. Being aware that there may be factors out of your control that you may have to manage such as tackling inappropriate language and behaviour. The role of a coach is also about creating a trusting relationship where athletes feel able to share relevant and personal information. A coach must support athletes to be the best by considering their physical, social, cultural and emotional needs.

These pages will support you in developing your knowledge and skills to be able to push your ability to differentiate further and to be able to support EVERY participant you meet.

At sports coach UK we recognise the nine protected characteristics identified in the 2010 Equality Act, please click here to view a series of useful links which may help provide support and information around all these characteristics.

We currently have identified three keys areas which will provide the greatest impact on participation, namely disability, gender (women and girls), and race and ethnicity. Whilst our focus is on women disability, race and ethnicity we recognise that as a coach you should be aware of the impact of faith, sexual orientation, gender identity and pregnancy and maternity of athletes.

 We are constantly striving to provide support to coaches and our sports partners around inclusion and diversity and signpost them to the most effective organisation for support. For any enquiries please contact Sarah Milner by email at [email protected].

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Sport & Recreation Alliance Equality Act Toolkit

The Sport and Recreation Alliance have created an 'Equality Act Toolkit' to assist members in dealing with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. The toolkit provides useful advice on what you need to do and where you should look for further help with equality issues in your sport. The toolkit includes the following documents:

Sport and Recreation Alliance Equality Act Toolkit