Minimum Standards for Active Coaches of Children and Young People - Additional Guidance Tool

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This interactive tool provides guidance to you on:

  • The minimum qualification (as stated by the relevant governing body of sport) required for a lead coach coaching children and young people in the following environments:
    • primary school
    •  secondary school
    •  Club
    •  community/local authority
  • Additional important information the governing body recommends should be considered alongside the qualification
  • Recommended additional training identified by the governing bodies of sport, sports coach UK and other key partner organisations to be considered alongside coaching qualifications.

The tool will also:

  • signpost you to more information on:
    • governing body coaching qualifications
    • additional training courses recommended by sports coach UK and key industry partners AfPE and Youth Sport Trust

Also as this document will be regularly updated we would really value your feedback on the usefulness of the tool, if you have any comments or have any problems accessing the document please email [email protected]

Please Note: Some Local Authorities may operate a local register of approved school coaches and/or their own guidance on Minimum Standards for Active Coaches.  In such instances Local Authority guidance may take precedence over the information contained within this guidance tool.

How to use this tool:

The tool can be viewed/used on the website. Please read the navigation instructions included in the beginning of the tool to assist you.

Please feel free to download this document and use on your computer (please be aware it may take some time to download)

If you are using the tool on your computer:

  • please ensure that you are using the tool in full screen mode

Once you are in the tool:

  • You will be able to navigate through the pages by clicking anywhere on the page to move through into the next page
  • Using this tool in this way will enable you to open web links in a new browser, so you can stay on the tool at the same time


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