Funding Opportunities for Coaching Guide

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The Funding Opportunities for Coaching Guide provides details about funding available to support coaches and coaching across England.

Produced by sports coach UK in partnership with the England Coaching Network the Guide is an interactive PDF that provides information on funding available in England to support coaching.

Please note you will need the Acrobat app to run the associated functions of the interactive PDF version of the Guide if you are using an iPhone/iPad.  Please ensure you have the app installed on your device (or download from here) and then open select to ‘open in’ Acrobat Reader.


Coaching is not an easy task.

Coaching is not an easy task. The best coach is generated through his or her experiences through the different field of the sports. I know, as a 5 year experienced student and a part time coach I am nothing compared to the great ones. visit here

funding guide

Looks really good, full of useful information and easy to use/follow

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